Who We Are

You dream of being LEAN, FIT and HEALTHY—not for a moment or a month, but for the rest of your life.

You dream of a program that suits your budget and your busy life—a program that is CHALLENGING, INSPIRING and YES, EVEN FUN!

You dream of a program that meets YOUR PERSONAL NEEDS AND GOALS. Not the same old cookie cutter approach. After all, you are not a cookie. You are an individual with unique strengths and needs, and you deserve a CUSTOM FIT.

You dream of an OPEN SPACE, a place where machinery doesn’t crowd you in, where your legs can stretch and your arms can reach and your mind has room to grow.

You dream of an OPEN DOOR, a place where NO MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED, where trainers invite you to GIVE IT A TRY on your own terms, in your own time, to find out what feels right for you.

You dream of FLEXIBLE CLASSES designed to match your moods and desires. One day you join a lively group class where you and your peers all push the limits together. The next day you seek out a small group training session to quietly pursue that extra edge.

You dream of PERSONAL AND INTERACTIVE WORKOUTS, led by trainers who help you reach your maximum potential by pushing you beyond your own expectations, to ESTABLISH A NEW NORMAL in a leaner and healthier body.

You dream of A COMMUNITY—trainers and clients who work alongside of you, encourage you, laugh with you, count on you to keep striving, and above all, believe in you. A CIRCLE OF FRIENDS who know that you can achieve everything you dream.

You dream of a better, happier, healthier life. You’ll find it at SAVANNAH’S UN-GYM. CUSTOM FIT.