Why is CustomFit Center known as Savannah’s Un-gym? These people right here -- to us, fitness means programs which are not only cutting edge but energized, interactive, and fun. We know gym drudgery is the the fast track to boredom and giving up. Thinking and programming “outside the box” makes it easier to keep going consistently, and consistency is the key to long-term health and fitness.

Jane Ogle

Jane was born and raised in Wappingers Falls, New York, a sleepy suburban town about 100 miles north of New York City. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from State University of New York at Albany and is an IDEA Personal Trainer Recognition System Master Level Trainer. Jane joined the staff at CustomFit Center in 2013 and is now co-owner. She is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, FMS practitioner, and holds certifications in Schwinn indoor cycling and Pilates Mat as well.

Jane started her career as a fitness educator and professional in 1989, after coming to a crossroads in her career in marketing. She exercised her entrepreneurial muscles in upstate New York with a fitness studio/in-home personal training/corporate fitness service covering a four-county region. She also has extensive experience managing fitness centers, managing staff, and leading personal trainer certification and staff safety programs. She is grateful to have the opportunity to do not just what she is good at, but what she really loves for a living.  She has never spent better time than the time she spends educating her clients and giving them tools and guidance to change their quality of life and quality of movement.

Jane is a very talented singer.  She and her brothers started bands together and separately in high school, and they all still perform music to this day, although in different cities. Southern Holiday Jazz Band is the name of her Savannah band, and she also performs in the OnStage Cabaret at the Lucas Theatre for the Arts.  If you have a chance to catch her, it is a treat!

Jane is a 10 time marathon finisher, and puts on terrific programs like our PR Challenge.  The vibe at CustomFit resonates with her belief in the connections between quality of movement, holistic fitness, and quality of nutrition. Getting up and really moving, versus sitting in a machine, is crucial to making our bodies better. She helps make CustomFit a place with very positive energy where ALL of us (trainers and community!) learn from and with one another.

Brigitte Rentiers

Brigitte is a native of Savannah, and is co-owner of CustomFit Center. Brigitte too began her fitness education career in the 80's, complete with high impact group fitness classes at a golds gym (yes, with leg-warmers, headbands and thongs)! She added personal training in 1992. She has also been a fitness facility and staff manager. Brigitte teaches an array of fitness classes from spin, aqua, strength, cardio, stretch, and more, accumulating certifications in most of these specialty areas through the years. The end of class/session - when we are all in the mindset, "I did it, now let's stretch!!!" is her favorite part of teaching. It is the most ignored part of fitness – but usually the most needed.

Being home, with all her animals (dogs and cats) and a cup of coffee/glass of wine, is among Brigitte's favorite pastimes. Her family owned and operated a popular Italian restaurant, where she had to pitch in with her siblings and perform almost every job. That included singing on the weekends while customers were dining.

Jasmine Head

Jasmine Head is an Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) certified group fitness instructor and American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer from Macon, GA. She is passionate about total body wellness and has taught a variety of fitness programs, such as boot camps, circuit training, strength and conditioning, high-intensity interval training, Zumba, R.I.P.P.E.D., TRX, and children's fitness classes, since becoming certified in March 2011. She's also trained a variety of special populations, like seniors and blind/low vision students.

In addition to her experience in the fitness industry, she has summited Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the contiguous U.S.; possesses an MBA from Georgia College and State University; and has consumed a plant-based diet since June 2012. She likes to plan meals and cook, try new restaurants and coffee shops, hike, read, enjoy the sunshine, shop eclectic boutiques, and spend time with her nine nieces and nephews. Additionally, she has an avid interest in classical music and red wine, and she has fallen in love with Savannah since moving here in July 2014. Since joining the team in September 2014, Jasmine has discovered a true sense of community at CustomFit. Members work hard together and play hard together; they encourage one another to achieve new levels of success.

Jamie O'Rear

Jamie is originally from Ft. Myers, Florida. She was a serious gymnast and cheerleader in her school years, and cheered on the all girl squad at Florida State for two years. She also traveled around the country every summer between college semesters teaching UCA cheerleading camps to high school and college cheerleaders.

After college, Jamie got into running and completed many races, including a few half marathons.  She became a beachbody coach in 2011, and was certified in Piyo in 2014.  CustomFit is the only studio she has ever taught in and she is loving this new chapter! She loves teaching the MAX-Cardio -- or as she calls the, "crazy-cardio" -- classes!

Jamie and her husband are raising two kids, and she enjoys reading, running, wine, travel, and cooking when they let her;) She is proud to have been on the track and field relay team at her high school that still holds the 4 x 400 relay record to this day, 20 years later.

Kimberly Carver

Kimberly is a Savannah native and the youngest of six siblings. She grew up on the Wilmington River, and loves being on the river to this day. She joined the CustomFit team in 2016 as a yoga teacher and thai yoga massage practitioner. Yoga came into Kimberly's life 15 years ago. She had been in a car accident and was losing her ability to walk! She credits her yoga practice for her turnaround.

Kimberly values the smiles of success she sees on the faces of the people she instructs, and the sense of creating space for something new which occurs in her classes. She also enjoys being part of a caring team! In addition, she loves gardening, walking her dogs, and spending time with friends and family over food! (One must fuel one's fitness, yes?)

Abby Kelley

Originally from Akron, Ohio, Abby is currently pursuing her degree in health sciences and has a keen interest in helping people lead healthier lives! She has been immersed in activity and sports her whole life, including 12 years of dance and high school volleyball and synchronized swimming.

Abby started teaching group fitness at a community center in 2015 and just loved it! She is a big fan of leading our TRX classes. And when she isn't studying and teaching classes, you'll find her skateboarding, reading, and going to the beach. Makes perfect sense when you find out that she has loved mermaids ever since childhood and continues to collect all things mermaid.

Nancy Maia

Nancy Maia has over 30 years experience in the fitness industry, and founded CustomFit Center in Savannah, GA in 2007. Her depth of experience in health club management, instructor training, fitness and nutrition workshops, as well as personal training and sports and lifestyle fitness coaching gave her a unique perspective and approach to health and fitness. She retired from CustomFit in 2016.

Nancy’s personal journey molded her philosophy that true health is possible only when balance is attained. From being anorexic as an adolescent, to having 50 pounds to lose in college, to being a high-level triathlete competing on an International stage, Nancy learned that making positive, lasting lifestyle changes is only possible when you are realistic in your approach and balance work with joy.