Small Groups

You have tried and tried to establish your own private workout routine, but it just hasn’t...worked out.

It’s time to up your commitment and accountability among a few trusted peers. Or maybe you’re already a “regular” in CustomFit Group Classes and you’re starting to feel fit, healthy and confident. But you’re beginning to level off. You want to PUSH BEYOND THE STATUS QUO, dig deeper, and truly tap your potential. You’re ready for SMALL GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING.

In Small Group, YOUR TRAINER TRULY KNOWS YOU, understands your strengths and limitations, and works with your FMS (Functional Movement Screen) to design exercises that enhance your individual movement quality. These custom exercises not only decrease your chances of injury but provide a clear path to your OPTIMAL FITNESS POTENTIAL.

After completing your Intro to CustomFit Package (3 specially priced personal training sessions that include an FMS), CustomFit provides a special opportunity for you to join any Small Group session that fits your schedule. You and a few peers who share your level of commitment and dedication will come together for specialized, focused training similar to Individual Personal Training. But Small Group is more affordable…and often times a lot more fun!

YOU decide exactly when and how often you participate. Suit YOUR schedule. If you’re away for a week, double up the next. Trade in those tired excuses for unimagined achievements in Small Group. Before long that fit and confident person you’ve always envied will be smiling back at you from your own mirror!