Group Classes

You’ve never been drawn to those big corporate fitness centers. You find the machinery impersonal, the memberships pricy. And those exercises seem geared toward, well, some other body. Standard health clubs leave you feeling isolated, ignored and intimidated. You dream of a gym with a personal touch, a place run BY REAL PEOPLE, FOR REAL PEOPLE—an UN-GYM. You dream of a place called CUSTOM FIT.

At Custom Fit, THE DOOR IS OPEN. No need to sign up for elaborate memberships! Just walk in and take a GROUP CLASS. Try TRX FIT, PiYO, Pilates, Balanced Bodies Plus or one of the other group classes that strikes your fancy. Your friendly trainer will interact with you to learn your strengths, and customize each exercise to best suit your specific needs. In no time, your journey to fitness and well-being will begin.

Custom Fit operates on the premise that everyone, students and trainers alike, at every level, are on this journey together, and that inspiration can come from any source. No doubt, from the moment you step foot into this ring of support, you will become the source of light for someone else around you. GROUP CLASS offers a positive space where you can soak up positive energy and pass it on. It’s up to you to enter. Quite simply, the road to your best self begins with a personal decision. All you need do is take that first step. THE BEST WILL FOLLOW.