BEYOND FIT: Be Well. Work Well.

What if one investment could show an immediate and overwhelming return?

What if a single transaction could guarantee an increase in employee productivity while sharply decreasing staff absenteeism and turnover?

When it comes to recruiting the best and brightest, do you have an unlikely advantage over your competitor? Can pushups really reduce company expenditures?

We know that even moderate changes to fitness and nutrition can positively affect one’s disease risks. But, did you know that it also makes great business sense? What if we told you it started with a list of feelings for your employees?

Feel more energetic.
Feel healthier and happier.
Feel a work-life balance.
Feel valued by their employers.
Feel they have a support system.

Touchy-feely aside, this is more than feelings and fitness. BEYOND FIT, CustomFit’s Corporate Wellness Program, is team-building, it’s camaraderie. Many call a physical, psychological and emotional experience that redefines, recalibrates, and rejuvenates your employees as well as your bottom line.

BEYOND FIT literally goes beyond providing a fitness program for your group by encompassing our concept of “wellness”: helping people be well for the long term. We build lasting change by educating participants and guiding them to implement small, incremental changes over the course of the program—going deeper than just intending to affect change in individual physical fitness.

An intense 8-week wellness program, BEYOND FIT is a robust series of fitness and nutrition classes that introduces your staff to group and individual activities—building personal discipline and behavior while dramatically increasing morale and accountability to the group. Each 8-week session is designed as a competition – teams designated according to individual group dynamics and points awarded both at an individual and group level.

Parameters for measurement are set by the employer and can include general fitness (cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, weight, BMI, body fat) as well as health measurements such as blood pressure and cholesterol. Each employer also has the ability to designate individual and team prizes that can be awarded at the completion of the 8 weeks or as incentives along the way. But that’s just the start...

After the initial 8-week program is complete, we can offer ongoing support and monitoring to help each participant continue their health/fitness. Whether you choose to pursue ongoing internal incentives and work-place rewards for fitness efforts or just want to ensure your employees continue to follow through, we provide you ongoing access to attendance reports of your employees.

From gym memberships to aerobic classes, you have choices in Savannah for a corporate wellness program, but you’ve found CustomFit because you want more…you want the best. So what sets CustomFit apart? How do you go from zero to BEYOND FIT?

First of all, we address lifestyle choices that keep us unhealthy and institute actual lifestyle changes using some of the latest knowledge about how old habits are changed and new ones established. Over time, this will impact the WAY people live beyond the way their bodies look.

Secondly, you won’t find another CustomFit in Savannah. Our approach is wholly unique. We designed BEYOND FIT specifically for groups and conceived this specifically as a powerful team-building experience. The motivating idea behind our program is that change is hard and fitness/nutrition touches at the core of who we are. As such, people tend to have empathy and honest, unconditional support of those trying to affect change around them – egos tend to be put aside and the cohesiveness of the group becomes stronger.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of BEYOND FIT and the importance of starting your own Corporate Wellness Initiative. But don’t take our word for it—there are numerous documented benefits of wellness programs. In fact there are more than 200 scientific studies indicating the positive return-on-investment for wellness programs. If you don’t already have one in place, do some research, and let’s talk soon. In the end, BEYOND FIT will likely be one of the best investments you ever make.

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